Tuesday, May 19, 2009



So this day was one for the books. Austin fell off his changing table - I turned for one second and he was gone. Luckily for me Rob was sitting on the ground and Austin landed on his leg. I think Rob got hurt worse then Austin. So Rob was screaming, Austin was screaming, i was crying and it was a disaster. So we managed to get past that. Then only 4 hrs later right when we got home from school I hear Rob screaming. I didn't think he was hurt, I thought he was faking it. Now, if you know my kid you know he screams a lot and is really dramatic. So as I make my way to his room I see this:

what a great feeling to see your little guys blood everywhere. He hit his head on the window while jumping on the bed. It was a total- I told you so moment about why we don't jump on the bed. Don't worry, no stitches needed. We went to the clinic and he was fine. Just lots of blood.

So guess what I busted him doing not 10 minutes after we got home???

JUMPING ON HIS BED.... he is going to give me a run for my money:)

Halfway through may

Drum roll--

7 Years of wedded bliss!

Can you believe it? I can, even though the time has flown by. I cant imagine being married to anyone else or loving anyone more then I do Rob! So time flies.

Austin is FINALLY WALKING at 15 months- silly, chubby baby!

Little Rob started T-ball and I think I love it more then he does:) I love to help him and tell him what to do- I miss softball so much. So we got him a T, a bag of balls and some new gear to practice- So fun!

We are doing great here in VA even though we are getting ready to move AGAIN- seriously. We will be taking off from here July 15 to Kansas. Closer to home so that is good- but in the middle of nowhere. We will miss the ocean and location, but are ready to move forward.

Mothers say was perfect- I got french toast and eggs for breakfast and spoiled by my 3 boys. We went the the beach and hung out for a few hours ans just had a great day!

April- Update

Auntie Val and Shannon came to visit! we had a great time showing them around here and up in DC- that is a huge place full of history and just amazing monuments and museums. It was a so good to go see and show them.

We went the Busch Gardens. We get to go fro free because Rob is military so that was nice. Little Rob rode the Big bad wolf and was so proud- yet he was scared of the 3 -d Elmo show- go figure. Easter was fun, Always high adventure when dying eggs. The boys looked so cute in their Easter outfits- other then that here are the updates:

Austin- STILL crawling, getting up and walking around furniture-
Rob- still playing soccer- loving school and has a new best friend Jack
Big Rob- Oh- he exists? Gone all the time
Angie- Same old- Running around, taking care of the boys

March - update

March- lets see-
Austin turns 1- hooray- still just crawling
Rob is playing soccer- super cute
Big Rob is gone a lot- nothing new
Angie is doing signs, teaching BODY PUMP and learning BODY STEP

Monday, March 2, 2009

Look who is ONE

SO I cant believe how fast a year has gone in our lives. A year ago, we were in Alabama planing to be there for another year. Life changed dramatically for us when Austin was born because Little Rob was no longer the baby- his life has changed a ton too. Most of the time he loves his brother, but there are the rare moments I hear the door slam and Austin cry because he has been pushed out of Rob's rrom for touching his stuff.

here are some of the things Austin is doing at one

- teething like a maniac, he has around 7 teeth right now and it seems like the rest are trying to come all at once. The drool that baby produces makes me think he is dehydrated because more then not I find him laying on the floor in a puddle of drool.
- claping and saying Yeah! (so darn cute)
- standing up all by himself from the floor- so nothing to help him
- still Loves his blanket, binki and bottle
- eats everything I am eating and more
- loves to be outside and eat all the dirt and sand he can get
- crawls around crying looking for me!!

He is such a good baby- we love him to death-

Friday, February 13, 2009

Silly baby

So Austin is a sniffer- he loves to put his blanket up to his nose and smell it. He has been known to smell other fuzzy and soft things too... but up until now, it all seemed cute. this is HILARIOUS and mean to post but my Little guy just wanted to smell the carrots. later that night he was doing the same thing with a pretzel. I think it is because he wanted to put it in his mouth but couldn't because of his Binky! So funny!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Travis & Aimee's wedding

What a fun day- Travis and Aimee looked so happy and glad to be married! We were glad to be a part of it and had a great time!


what else can I say?

4 Friends 4 babies

Here are my 3 friends from highschool that have been very close to me for a long time. We did almost everything together all through school. We all had a baby within a month of eachother - not planned of course- so it is fun to see how they are all togther and how cute they all are! See slide below